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Just Juice is a mobile juice bar so to speak, servicing Broward & Miami- Dade Counties.

We offer a variety of 100% raw & cold pressed juices that help to minimize common ailments and maintain overall wellness. From juicer to bottle and then straight to you only fresh produce is used so it is with great pride that we can say you are truly receiving JUST JUICE!

Shannon Debique
Shannon Debique


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DISCLAIMER: The information on this site is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical condition or dispense medical advice. Before starting any diet, you should seek the advice of a licensed health professional and then use your own judgement. 

Turbo Tonic – Ginger shot that provides natural energy as well as immunity boosting properties.

Glow & Go – Burns fat while boosting complexion to give a radiant glow.

Kidney Cleanser – Helps eliminate excess water weight.

Fight the Funk – Aids in building the body’s defense system & assists in fighting colds.

Tropical Twist – Satisfies that sweet tooth while still providing antioxidants.

Respect Your Roots – Reduces belly bloat by maintaining bowel regularity.

Green Machine – Promotes weight loss and assists with naturally lowering blood pressure.

One Day Detox – A good fit for first time cleansers wanting to get a feel for what detoxing is like before committing to a longer program. Average weight loss is 2 lbs.

Two Day Detox – Great way to get back on track after a vacation or weekend of drinking. Average weight loss is 3 to 4 lbs.

Three Day Detox – Ideal for those who have poor eating habits and wish to reset the body’s digestive system. Average weight loss is 5 to 8 lbs.

Five & Seven Day Detox – Perfect for those who want to kick start a weight loss program by losing a significant amount of weight before transitioning to healthier eating habits and lifestyle changes. Average weight loss is 9 to 12 lbs in 5 days & 13 to 15 lbs in 7 days.

**Weight loss averages are based on REAL RESULTS from REAL PEOPLE who followed the protocol without any deviation. Everyone is different, and results may vary.

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Every bottle is handcrafted with love daily using fresh raw ingredients because we value what you put in your body and truly believe that health is wealth.

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All detox purchases include around the clock support via text or email as well as a detailed instruction manual & schedule of consumption.